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About Us

The Cash Shop is a family owned Business, independently run in a heritage listed building in the Toowoomba CBD.


Trading for over 60 years, The Cash Shop has undergone various name changes but remains to provide staff with generations of experience in the Pawnbroking Trade.


With our knowledge and experience, we understand The Secondhand Industry more than most of our competitors; meaning we offer an easier and more adaptive way of doing business with our clients!


Our Team

Andrew stumbled into Pawnbroking in 1993 and took to it like a duck to water. He has seen many changes in the industry over time and enjoyed negotiating with many different people. He has tried to keep both the buyer and the seller happy; which provides its own unique challenges.
The customers he's seen are now spanning generations and they generally enjoy the experience of trade at The Cash Shop.

Andrew has a strong knowledge of the Jewellery trade and appreciates the challenge of valueing pieces of varied quality.
The Cash Shop experience usually has an element of theatre to it which entertains the regulars, and Andrew is often one of the main protagonists.

He has a good aptitude for finding what people are looking for and goes to great lengths for all customers to leave with a smile on their faces.

Come down and say hello to Andrew, he looks forward to seeing you soon!

We look forward to doing business with you!

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